Can tamoxifen cause ovarian cancer

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    Can tamoxifen cause ovarian cancer

    Hi, The story so far: My Girlfriend found out back in February that she had Breast Cancer. It was Stage 1, Grade 2, less than 2 cm, they removed it, and some lymph nodes. The lump also tested with top marks for hormone receptors, so Tamoxifen would be very effective. She was apparently a borderline case as far as Chemo was concerned, so having discussed it with her Oncologist and Surgeon she opted not to have Chemo. So she had a 3.5 week course of Radiotherapy, which she finished about 3 weeks ago, and then started Tamoxifen a few days later. Within 2 weeks of starting Tamoxifen, she experienced severe pelvic pain, and ultimately stopped taking it. (She has had Endometriosis in the past, so wondered if it had enflamed this). According to her Gynecologist, this is because Tamoxifen doesn't stop estrogen production at all (contrary to what we thought! It merely blocks it from the breast area in some way. So, your body then thinks you need to produce more and sends the Ovaries into overdrive producing it! So, the Oncologist has now brought up the question of Ovary removal. The debate about whether or not talcum powder causes ovarian cancer has rumbled on for decades. However, it recently reached fever pitch after a US court awarded damages to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer, allegedly as a result of having used talc as a feminine hygiene product for many years. Does that mean women should avoid using talcum powder? Industrial safety Talc is a form of magnesium silicate. Its history dates from ancient Arabic times and there was widespread European and American talc mining and processing in the 19th century. Most people are familiar with talc as a cosmetic or hygiene product, but it has many industrial uses too. It’s used to make ceramics, paints, paper and roofing materials. It’s useful as an industrial lubricant as it can withstand very high temperatures, so it’s useful for things such as the smooth running of conveyor belts.

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    Ovarian cancer has several known risk factors. When health agencies list different risk factors they sometimes also give weight to each of American Cancer Society noted that studies produced mixed findings and considered that, if there was a risk, the risk would be very small. Tamoxifen and ovarian cancer. and there are far fewer serious side effects with AI's than with tamoxifen, too. Tamoxifen can cause blood clots. Dec 14, 2009. If someone invented a pill to cut a cancer risk in half, would you take it. it she tested positive for a breast cancer gene, her mother had ovarian cancer. It is true that tamoxifen can have side effects, some of them serious.

    Navigating ovarian cancer treatment options can be overwhelming, but if you have this illness, it’s a part of the process. There are five major forms of treatment for ovarian cancer. However, the type of ovarian cancer you have and how advanced it is play a role in which form (or forms) of treatment your doctor may recommend. Below, read all about what you should know when it comes to ovarian cancer treatment options. This is considered the cornerstone of treatment for most types of ovarian cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in the later stages, so removing as much of it as possible is a crucial part of treating the disease. The extent of surgery usually depends on the type of ovarian cancer you have. Endometrial cancer affects the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, and is the most common form of uterine cancer. This type of cancer occurs when the cells in the endometrium begin to mutate, multiply, and build up too rapidly, forming a mass or tumor. Endometrial cancer can spread to other parts of your body as well, but it's typically diagnosed in the early stages. Although the direct causes of endometrial cancer are unknown, researchers have identified a genetic link and a number of risk factors for the disease, primarily related to excess exposure to estrogen. A gene mutation or genetic disorder may increase your risk of endometrial cancer. With that in mind, some other cancers can be "red flags" for endometrial cancer risk, as they have the potential of having the same genetic underpinnings. This condition increases your risk of certain cancers, especially colon cancer, endometrial cancer (your likelihood of developing it is 40 percent to 60 percent), and ovarian cancer. You're also more likely to be diagnosed with endometrial cancer at a younger age.

    Can tamoxifen cause ovarian cancer

    Treatment Target Ovarian Cancer, Tamoxifen and ovarian cancer - Ovarian Cancer -

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  6. Stromal ovarian cancer This starts in the ovarian tissue that contains hormone-generating cells and seems toOvarian stromal tumors are usually just in one ovary, so surgery may only remove that ovary andChemo can cause side effects like nausea and vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, mouth sores.

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    • How can tamoxifen cause endometrial cancer however it's.

    Dec 27, 2017. Tamoxifen treatment for breast cancer may induce ovarian cysts and. Three or six monthly injections of LHRH agonists can cause regression. Tamoxifen use Tamoxifen is an adjuvant therapy drug often prescribed for women with breast cancer. It binds to estrogen receptors in someGranulosa cell tumor There is a rare type of ovarian tumor, a granulosa cell tumor, that secretes estrogen, causing high estrogen levels and raising the. The results suggest that ovarian suppression plus tamoxifen caused more side effects and sexual problems -- mainly in the first 2 years ofRead the abstract of “Adjuvant Tamoxifen Plus Ovarian Function Suppression Versus Tamoxifen Alone in Premenopausal Women With Early Breast Cancer.

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